Two Successful Arizona Gurus Join Forces To "Spill The Beans" About The Power Of eBay.

Now They Want To Give The Secrets Away…
The Catch…
There's only a Limited Number...
First Come First Serve!

Dear Friend,

Unless you've been living isolated from the rest of the world, you've heard of eBay. Perhaps you have purchased a few items or even sold a few things… many people think they know about eBay… but they really don't… including people who earn an income through eBay.

You see… there's a list of dirty little eBay secrets that once known, can turn even an occasional curiosity about eBay, into a life-changing event. Two guys living in the sweltering heat of Phoenix, Arizona have put together a tape called "The Power Of eBay," that reveals these secrets. AND, they're giving it away to anyone who wants one.

They aren't doing it for profit either.
You can't buy the tape from them at any price.

All they ask is that anyone who requests it be willing to give their vote of support for a bunch of sick kids, (more on that in a minute).

Before I tell you about the tape, I imagine you want to know who the heck these Arizona guys are and what qualifies them to make such a bold statements. Fair enough.

They are Joe Polish and Terry Gibbs.

Joe Polish is the owner of and he has interviewed hundreds of the world's leading experts on marketing, selling, self-improvement, communication, the list is endless. Now, he interviews Terry Gibbs of about the Power of eBay.

Terry is a five-year veteran of eBay having sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of used toys and trains. Terry has taught thousands of eBay sellers how to get more money in their auctions with his best selling eBay Success VIDEO .

Now for the first time, Terry opens up and shares all his knowledge about buying and trading on eBay. During this interview Joe, the skilled interviewer, manages to dig a wealth of information out of Terry about eBay trading.

Now you can harness The POWER of eBay

On this 60-minute tape interview you will learn how to avoid the most common buying mistakes that can wind up costing you extra money. These are simple mistakes made by most bidders AND these mistakes can be avoided… you don't need to throw away money to win your item.

Do you know the answers to these questions?
Q: What is the ONE THING YOU MUST do CORRECTLY in every auction to get the TRUE value for your item?

Sadly 39 percent of eBay sellers ignore this simple truth and end up getting lower bids on their items. Chances are you are doing this now and throwing away substantial extra profits.

Q: Do you know the EIGHT MAGIC WORDS to stop buyer's complaints in their tracks?

A simple email containing these EIGHT MAGIC WORDS will cause 95 percent of dissatisfied buyers to decide they really want to keep the item and be happy about it. These simple MAGIC WORDS will change unhappy buyers into happy repeat customers. (And, understanding these words can help you return something you really don't want.)

Whether you are interested in buying or selling on eBay, this tape will provide answers to questions you probably never even thought to ask.

Questions like:
  • What is the REAL Power of eBay? (This will truly SHOCK you.)
  • How to spot and avoid scammers who are out to take your money?
  • How to WOW your buyers so they don't consider returning your product?
  • eBay's effect on the collectibles market and how you can capitalize on it?
  • You can follow along as Terry explains the incredible POWER OF EBAY.

  • Learn to spot FRAUDULENT AUCTIONS so you can avoid being ripped off.
  • Avoid the biggest selling mistakes. Over 65 percent of eBay sellers make these mistakes and end up getting lower prices in their auctions.
  • How to lower your risk when buying on eBay.
  • You'll learn how to overcome the obstacles to selling. Perhaps you'd like to sell on eBay, but have been too overwhelmed to start selling. This tape will help you break through the barrier and start selling on eBay.
  • The biggest mistake a buyer can make, and how it costs you money. Learn to avoid this simple mistake, and you will get better deals when you buy on eBay.
  • The hidden benefits of selling on eBay.
  • The five words that will LOWER bids on your auctions. Use these five words in your auctions and you are throwing away money.
  • How to find items you want that other bidders will probably miss. A single mouse click will open up a whole world of items listed in the wrong categories or with poor titles. This is where the great deals on eBay are hiding.
  • You will listen along as Terry explains eBay's dramatic effect on the antiques and collectibles markets.

    Are you an eBay "Know It All?"

    Many people think they know it all about eBay. You may have managed to muddle through a few transactions, but it is doubtful you have fully harnessed the POWER of eBay. Just a few transactions after you learn to avoid these common mistakes will save you more than the price of this tape interview.

    Wait a minute! Price? I Thought You Said It Wasn't For Sale????

    Well it's not for sale. The entire 20 dollar price you pay for this tape will be forwarded to the . The hospital provides care for sick and injured kids. Recently the hospital moved into it's own building and has had some cash flow problems due to cost overruns.

    The hospital's medical staff offers many specialized pediatric services offered on an inpatient and/or outpatient setting. Because comprehensive care of many childhood illness and injuries involves more than one specialty, having all the experts in one place provides greater coordination of care.

    In addition, providing family-centered healthcare for children requires more than medical excellence. So, they have developed many ways of helping families cope with the changes brought about by having a sick and injured child. Phoenix Children's Hospital is the only full-service children's hospital offering comprehensive care for all levels of illness and injury.

    Both Terry and Joe feel it is important to protect this valuable medical resource. Because they treat only children, the Phoenix Children's Hospital provides a level of care for children higher than any other hospital in Arizona. Sadly, this also raises the operating costs of the hospital.

    Insurance companies only reimburse for child healthcare based on the costs of adults. Because children have a harder time emotionally dealing with illnesses, the hospital requires a larger staff to patient ratio than a hospital catering to adults. They rely on the good graces of donations to help them continue to provide their quality health care.

    A Personal Message From Terry About This Tape…

    I was very hesitant to share this information, but when Joe suggested we do a tape and give the FULL proceeds of the tape to the Phoenix Children's Hospital I knew that the time was now. I have been taking my trains down and running them for the children at the Hospital for 11 years. The chance to help the hospital care for sick and injured children swayed me…even if it meant sharing the knowledge that gives me a competitive edge on eBay.

    This is a chance for a limited number of people to discover eBay's juiciest secrets and help some well deserving children in the process…for that, I'm willing to spill the beans.

    Terry agreed to this promotion with two reservations. First, only 5,000 tapes will be sold. He really doesn't want everybody learning his secrets.

    Secondly, every penny of the sales price of the tape has to go to the Phoenix Children's Hospital. A small shipping and handling fee will cover some of the cost of making and mailing the tapes. Terry and Joe will cover all costs above the $3.95 shipping and handling fee.

    But this means you have to ACT NOW before the tapes are gone…
    If you hesitate you will miss out.

    With this tape you will be learning vital secrets about eBay, and helping the Phoenix Children's Hospital provide health care to children. The entire $20 price of this tape will be forwarded to the children's hospital.

    If you are a seasoned eBay seller you will learn how to get higher bids in your auctions. If you haven't started selling on eBay yet, you will learn enough to get started on the right foot. You will learn to avoid the common mistakes that 70 percent of eBay sellers make. These common mistakes result in lower bids and lower selling prices. With a few simple techniques you will be able to get higher prices in your auctions.

    If you are an eBay buyer or would like to start participating in the world's largest marketplace for antiques and collectibles, this tape will help you get better deals. You will also learn how to avoid being ripped off by disreputable eBay sellers.

    eBay fraud is actually much smaller than the media would have you believe. But there are sellers out there seeking to rip off unsuspecting buyers. On this tape you will learn simple ways to avoid being a victim.

    So take action now, and grab your copy of "The Power Of eBay" tape. Now you can have a hand in helping yourself and help Terry and Joe help some well deserving kids.

    Having a chance to make such a difference for only $20 is a rare and precious opportunity. Sure, the tape will provide you with valuable information you can use right away… but the value of your $20 combined with the $20 of other caring folks, will make an even bigger impact on the lives of children and their families.

    This is a real "feel good" opportunity. Don't miss your chance to be a part of it.

    PS Although the value of the tape is far above the $20 price Terry and Joe are asking, if you don't feel like it was worth ten times your money, you can return it for a refund. Terry and Joe will still make a donation in your name, as a way of saying thanks for you taking the time to try and help.

    PPS If you are not interested in eBay but would like to help the Phoenix Children's Hospital you can make a direct tax deductible donation

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