Help Us Raise $100,000 for the Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Thanks for your interest in helping us spread the word.

We want to raise 100,000 dollars for the Phoenix Children's Hospital by teaching people how to harness the power of eBay. The entire $20 price of each tape will be forwarded to the hospital. That means we need to sell 5,000 tapes.

The $100,000 will help the Phoenix Childrens Hospital provide care for sick and injured children. Joe and I could have just given the hospital the $5,000 dollars we have dedicated to running this program, but we decided to leverage our money in order to raise a larger sum for the hospital. With your help this is possible.

We can raise $100,000 for The Phoenix Children's Hospital, but we need your help. We are willing to lose a little bit of money on each tape, but cannot afford to spend money on advertising or marketing.

The challenge we set for ourselves was to raise $100,000 for the Phoenix Children's Hospital without resorting to an expensive advertising campaign. If you help us by doing at least one thing from the list below we will meet our goal and hand $100,000 over to the hospital.

Here's some easy ways you can help out:
  • Buy a tape. You will learn how to harness The Power of eBay and your purchase will put us $20 closer to our goal.
  • Buy a few tapes for your friends. Your friends will learn The Power of eBay, and the $20 will go to the Phoenix Children's Hospital. The tape makes a great gift. Just click on the buy now link at the bottom of the main page and fill in your friend's name and address in the ship to fields. Because of the way the merchant account works you'll need to purchase each tape separately.
  • Sign up to receive updates as we progress toward our goal of raising $100,000 for the Phoenix Children's Hospital. By signing up you will can follow our progress and learn additional ways to help spread the word.
  • Tell your friends about this project. They will surely want to be a part of it, and will thank you for telling them. You can easily email your friends a note using the tell friend link to the right. Or, sign up for the email updates and forward them to everybody in your address book.
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  • If you frequent discussion boards or participate in email chat groups, please post a message telling the other participants about our fundraiser. If you are interested enough to read this far, your fellow chat group members will also be interested.
  • If you have a website please link back to us. There are small banners and a text link below.


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