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How to Make Money With eBay When You Are in College

Most students are interested in the idea of making money while in college, and the college community provides several methods to do just that. Key among them is creating products and services available at a price. However, there are challenges. It is a massive task for a student seller to search for buyers who need products and services while also juggling school commitments. There will most likely be adverse effects on his studies when you do not know how to mix other activities with your academics. This challenge is easily solved with the help of eBay.
eBay provides an online platform for students interested in making money in college. By listing products and services, interested buyers from all over (not just the college community) can access these products and pay to get it sent to them. Sounds pretty simple? It is, but to successfully make money while selling on eBay, there are a few things you need to know.

1. Choosing the Items to Sell

For most college students who are interested in making money on eBay, the items that will be put on sale are pre-used products still in good condition. Selling old items helps you recoup money on items that you would normally discard. Considering which items to sell becomes important at this point. The items to be listed must be in proper working conditions, and they should also be in demand. EBay's market research tool allows you to view items that are in demand. This should provide a suitable guide in deciding which items you should sell.

2. Work out the Cost of Selling on eBay

There are costs attached to listing products on eBay. Finding out the costs attached to listings enables you to put reasonable prices that will earn you profits. The most important cost to consider is Insertion cost. This is the charge on every product you list for sale. EBay operates on an auction system (there's an opening price for bidding) and a “buy it now” system. Opening prices for auctions affect how much you are charged on your products. EBay offers no charges on the first 100 listings per month on a starting price of 0.99$. For buying it now, there are fixed-price listing fees of 0.50$ per item from 0.99$ or higher. It's necessary to do all your research on what it costs to successfully sell products.

3. Write a Compelling Product Description

Selling items on eBay will not stop you from doing some actual marketing. You have to convince your buyers that your product is the right one for them. You are allowed 80 characters for the title of each product, putting up a good product description will go a long way to selling that product. For example, buyers that want to buy college admission essay might need some convincing, assuring them that your services are tested and trusted with issues such as plagiarism handled will put their minds at ease.

4. Sort out the Starting Bid

EBay operates on an auction system that allows you to drive the prices of your product up gradually based on the number of interests and bids placed on it, up to the point where you think the value for the product has been met and you can sell. Starting bids quite low can help to draw attention to your products and encourage bidding.

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