Why Is Everyone Talking About Joe Polish?

Joe Polish's cluttered Phoenix office is often referred to by marketing insiders as "action central" for a good chunk of the entrepreneurial world. Though he made his fortune in an almost invisible niche (telling carpet cleaners how to crush the competition and turn their small local businesses into money-churning machines), he is now among the most well-known, respected, and notorious "complete marketing geniuses" in the world.

Consulting clients from many different countries each happily pony up $5,300 a day just to hear his advice (and suffer his vicious wit). His outrageously-expensive "boot camps" attract convention-sized audiences full of famous entrepreneurs and many of the "superstars" of marketing and advertising. In a business environment bristling with false prophets and bad advice, Joe's unique mix of real-world experience and stunning financial success has earned him a spot among the most trusted experts alive.

A casual meeting in Joe's office might include infomercial mogul Joe Sugarman, world-class copywriting legends like Gary Halbert and John Carlton and Dan Kennedy, or a staggering line-up of best-selling business authors like Robert Allen ("No Money Down") and Mark Victor Hansen ("Chicken Soup For The Soul"). The CEO's of publishing giants like Boardroom, Inc., and Nightingale Conant rely on Joe for marketing advice. Television news shows like ABC's 20/20 use him as an advocate of ethical advertising, and he's been featured in Mentor magazine so often, many people think he owns it. (He doesn't.)

Joe's one-of-a-kind recorded interview series ("Genius Network") -- now six years in the making -- is a "Who's Who" of super-savvy marketing and advertising brilliance. No one refuses an interview with Joe. He has the gift of gab, and the insight of a business veteran who's earned his success. Joe started with nothing but a glimmer of a dream, and yet nailed his spot in the Business Hall of Fame before he was thirty.

He's obnoxious, jittery, and constantly jetting around the country to meet with clients and give seminars and cause trouble. But the "best in the biz" seek him out, because they know he is at the cutting edge of hyper-effective marketing and advertising. With a quick flip through his Million-Dollar Rolodex, Joe can directly reach (with a single phone call) nearly every important "mover and shaker" in the business world. He knows the good, the bad, and the ugly of what's working (and what's not working) on the Web, in infomercials, in direct response ads and direct mail, in publicity, private coaching, publishing, and breakthrough campaigns in every critical area of the entrepreneurial landscape.

The business world is moving faster than ever before. Staying close to the action means paying attention to Joe Polish.

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