Who Is Terry Gibbs?

By Tony Policci

If you met Terry Gibbs on the street, you'd probably never know that he had one of the world's most phenomenal collections of toys, predominately made up of rare and highly prized trains. You'd also never know that he was a successful author, marketer, and developer of numerous products, ranging from information on trains to making a REAL living online.

Terry is a simple guy, most comfortable in his tee shirt and blue jeans, but a few minutes talking with him let's you know you're in the presence of a well educated, veritable genius.

Terry is often sought out by wealthy individuals who want an expert to build them a magnificent train layout. His layouts are wonders to behold and have brought delight to countless adults and children who have seen them. Terry's desire to help other's build fantastic train layouts caused him to author his first book "The O Gauge Source Book." Toy train enthusiasts around the world have used Terry's source book to build more interesting train layouts.

"My father and I have been collecting trains together for years. Our toys allow us to have a relationship many others can only dream about."

Terry has been buying and selling collectible trains and toys since he was in grade school. Back in 1998 he put together Train99.com to share the his trains with others. This led a few years later to the creation of www.IWantCollectibles.com where Terry shares the collectible finding strategies he developed in his over 28 years of experience chasing collectibles.

Terry also writes a free newsletter about antiques, collectibles, and using eBay. You can sign up for his newsletter on his site: www.IWantCollectibles.com

Terry also works as a marketing consultant, helping self-employed entrepreneurs increase their profits by redesigning their systems and teaching them to sell their services in more productive ways.

His clients include artists, Internet marketers, photographers, direct response marketers, software programmers, antiques and collectibles dealers, restaurants, and small retail establishments. He even has a few clients in service industries like auto painting, home remodeling, carpet cleaning, and more.

Terry prefers to work with small business owners because he enjoys being around people who are doing something for themselves.

Train collector, master train layout builder, teacher, consultant, advisor, friend to wayward animals, and developer of pie in the sky schemes, you will always be glad you met Terry Gibbs.

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